Creating WOW Moments for Your Patients

Happy Moments for Your Patients

Welcome to Practice Treatment Plan’s Weekly New Patient Marketing Tips! As a new patient marketing company, we primarily focus on strategies to attract new patients to your practice. However, it’s equally important to create an excellent patient experience to encourage those new patients to refer even more new patients. The referral multiplier concept hinges on…

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How Many New Patient Opportunities Are You Missing Each Month?

New Patient Opportunities

Today, I want to ask you a few critical questions about your dental practice’s patient acquisition efforts: How many new patient phone calls does your practice receive each month? How many of these calls come in when nobody can answer the phone? How many responses to calls have been successfully converted into new patient appointments?…

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Your Practice's Most Valuable Asset

Welcome to the Practice Treatment Plan’s Weekly New Patient Marketing Tips! This week we will be talking about selling dental practices and the most important asset of your practice when you are looking to sell…your patient base! Most Practice Transition Consultants will tell you that a dental practice’s most valuable asset is its roster of…

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