Dental Startup Marketing Plans: Don’t Make These Common Mistakes!

Dental Startup Marketing Plans

Launching a new dental practice is an exciting venture, but it comes with its fair share of challenges, especially in marketing. Over the years, we have helped launch over 50 dental practices. Some of these practices flourished from the get-go, while others required intervention after their initial marketing efforts failed to produce the desired growth.…

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Would You Hire The Person You Just Spoke To?

call tracking

My wife and I recently celebrated our anniversary with a trip to New York City, where we first met. While planning our trip, I booked our flights with Delta Airlines well in advance. However, I just remembered that I needed to select our seat assignments in the hustle and bustle. Realizing this oversight just four…

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What Makes You So Special? 4 Tips on How to Answer that Question.

We all like to think we’re special, especially in our professional capacities. Our dental practice stands head and shoulders above the competition. However, when a patient asks, “What makes you different?” it can sometimes be challenging to articulate a clear and compelling answer. Even if we know what sets us apart, conveying that to a…

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6 Things You Should Look For When Choosing a Dental Marketing Company

Click here to listen to this article instead of reading it.  Choosing the right dental marketing company can significantly impact the growth and success of your practice. With so many options available, knowing what to look for is essential to ensure you’re making the best choice. Here are six critical factors to consider when selecting…

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What Is Remarketing?

What Is Remarketing

Remarketing. Are you familiar with this term? Even if you aren’t, you’ve likely experienced its effects while browsing the web. Imagine you’ve Googled a phrase like “Men’s dress shoes” to find a pair you might want to buy. Suddenly, ads for Cole Haan start appearing in your Facebook feed and on various websites you visit.…

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