Patient Experience Improvement

Optimizing Patient Experience not only drives increased Revenue per Patient, it also creates advocates for your practice. Engaged patients become emotionally invested in your practice, take an active role in seeing it succeed, are more likely stick with you in the bad times and refer your products and services to prospects like themselves. Conversely, Patients who become “disengaged” will likely become detractors for your practice.

Our Patient Experience Plans operate under the principle that every Interaction with a Patient is an opportunity to educate, service, delight or learn from them.

We will work with you to improve your Patient Experience Management, utilizing:

  • Best Practices – Create an outstanding patient experience by making commitments as a team.
  • Loyalty Marketing – get your patients engaged in your practice by holding raffles, contests and other incentivized interactions.
  • “Moments of Truth” – focus on ways to make the most negative parts of the dental visit positive ones.
  • Implementing a framework and RRT Score (Referrals, Retention, Treatment Acceptance) to track progress.


We help our clients achieve sustainable Top Line growth through Breakthrough Marketing Strategies! Remember, even small changes can have big and lasting positive results!

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