New Patient Consulting

If you are finding that your inflow of new patients is declining, then you may need to revisit your marketing plan and strategy. We have helped Doctors who are struggling, as well as successful Doctors who are just looking to grow the profitability of their practice even further.

Practice Treatment Plan works with Dentists to improve their overall marketing effectiveness. We essentially serve as your Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

What is an Outsourced CMO?

As your Outsourced CMO, we bring Strategy, Creativity, Analysis and Discipline to your marketing activities, while making sure that your time investment is minimal, allowing you to focus on wearing the hats of CEO/Owner and Dentist. We turn your marketing dollars from an expense to an investment.

We help you:

  • Get the phones ringing
  • Get the right people calling
  • Get them coming back
  • Minimize your time and stress


Who can benefit from our services? Doctors who are:

  • Experiencing a decline in new patient inflow and are looking to increase new patient inflow to improve cash flow
  • A few years removed from a practice purchase and are looking to market more aggressively
  • Not sure if their marketing efforts are generating a significant return
  • Looking to grow or expand your practice to multiple locations
  • Looking for alternative marketing channels that they have not previously tried
  • Tired of trying the do-it-yourself approach with little results
We help our clients achieve sustainable Top Line growth through Breakthrough Marketing Strategies! Remember, even small changes can have big and lasting positive results!

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