I am Purchasing an Existing Practice

New Patients. New Patients. New Patients!

Did you know that most purchased healthcare practices experience at least 20% patient attrition?

Having the right marketing strategy in place to retain existing patients and acquire new ones is essential.

WE CAN HELP!!! We have helped clients DOUBLE the annual production of the previous owner in the first year!!

Case Study

Practice Purchase

Purchasing Your First Practice

Purchasing a practice gives you the advantage of starting out with an active book of patients, but it also means that you need to make some critical decisions early on. Will you rebrand? What did the former owner do for marketing, and do you need to revise that strategy? In some cases it is vital to treat your purchase as a startup, depending on how active the former owner was marketing the practice. Additionally, communication to the current patients must be handled in a way that ensures a seamless transition into the new ownership.

Purchasing Your Second or Third Practice

It is important to remember that the marketing conditions of your second practice might not be the same as your first. Depending on the demographics and buying behavior of the people around your new location, you may need to develop a differentiated strategy. We can help you determine that, with by developing a marketing plan for your new practice. This plan will include strategies on how you can effectively integrate the new practice into your existing marketing channels.

What Services do We Offer for Practice Purchases?

  • Internal Communication Plan for existing patients
  • Marketing Success Plan (including demographic/psychographic report) & Alternative Marketing Channel Recommendations
  • Mobile Friendly Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-per-click Advertising on Google, Facebook & Instagram
  • Internet Remarketing
  • Referrals & Online Reviews Package (w/ Reputation Monitoring)
  • Claim Online Citations
  • Practice Videos (Animoto Style)
  • Patient Experience Best Practices & Improvement
  • Call Tracking & Conversion Feedback
  • Additional services are also available!


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