Guide to Purchasing a Dental Practice

The Guide to Purchasing a Dental Practice: A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying and Growing a Dental Practice

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In a Dental Practice purchase, who is looking out for the buyer? There are very few resources out there these days for dentists looking to purchase a dental practice. This guide is designed to give you the information that you need to ask the right questions and make a good decisions for your own future success.

What should the financials look like?
Are you paying for dentistry that has already been done or for future revenue streams?

The Guide to Purchasing a Dental Practice is a collaborative effort from Practice Treatment Plan Dental Marketing and

Together, we have brought in experts on different subject matters to give you insights into what you need to know, including a:

  • Practice Transitions Consultant
  • Dental CPA
  • Dental Financial Planner
  • Dental Commercial Real Estate Tenant Representative
  • Dental Loan Officer
  • Dental Marketing Strategist
  • Dental Attorney

There is one simple truth that all doctors face when becoming a practice owner for the first time: You don’t know what you don’t know. There are many areas where you will need guidance from professionals who have helped others before you.

This guide will help you through this process – and reduce your time commitment and stress!

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