Would You Hire The Person You Just Spoke To?

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Would You Hire The Person You Just Spoke To? Recently my beautiful wife – whom I somehow convinced to marry me years ago – and I took an anniversary trip to New York City, the place where we first met each other. I booked the plane tickets through Delta Airlines months in advance. Unfortunately when…

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What is Remarketing?

Today’s Topic: What is Remarketing? Remarketing. Are you familiar with this term? Maybe not but you have noticed its effects any time you are surfing the web. Have you ever Googled a phrase like “Men’s dress shoes” in order to find a pair you might like to buy only to see ads for Cole Haan…

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Do Your Goals Lack Clarity?

Today’s Topic: Do Your Goals Lack Clarity? “Clarity is Power.” – Tony Robbins About four years ago I took my Practice Treatment Plan team to a three day Tony Robbins event in New Jersey. I had heard great things about these events, but even after that I was somewhat skeptical when entering the hall. I…

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