What Makes You So Special? 4 Tips on How to Answer that Question.

We all like to think we’re special, especially in our professional capacities. Our dental practice stands head and shoulders above the competition. However, when a patient asks, “What makes you different?” it can sometimes be challenging to articulate a clear and compelling answer. Even if we know what sets us apart, conveying that to a patient effectively requires strategy and clarity.

In the highly competitive field of dentistry, distinguishing yourself from other practitioners is more critical than ever. If potential patients view your marketing and perceive you as just another dentist, they have no reason to choose you over others. Here are four tips to help you clearly and confidently communicate what makes your practice unique and stand out in the market.

Tip #1: Assess Your Practice’s Strengths

Start by evaluating what your practice does exceptionally well. Consider your approach, education, training, and background. What unique aspects of your practice can you highlight? Be as specific as possible. For instance, do you offer specialized services, utilize cutting-edge technology, or have a unique patient care philosophy?

Actionable Step: Gather feedback from your current patients. They are often the most reliable source of information about what you do well. Conduct surveys or casual interviews to understand their perspectives on your strengths. This provides valuable insights and helps you identify common themes that resonate with your patient base.

Tip #2: Conduct a Competitive Analysis

Understanding your competition is crucial. Conduct a thorough analysis of your closest competitors using simple online research. Identify what they offer and how they position themselves in the market. What services do they provide that you don’t, and vice versa? Are there gaps in their offerings that you can fill?

Actionable Step: Create a comparative chart highlighting the differences between your practice and your competitors. This visual aid can help you identify your unique selling points (USPs) and areas for improvement. Use this information to refine your marketing messages, ensuring they highlight aspects of your practice that competitors may need to improve.

Tip #3: Use Compelling Language in Your Marketing

Your words in your marketing materials can significantly impact how potential patients perceive your practice. Move beyond generic adjectives like “quality” and “caring.” Instead, opt for more dynamic and impactful language such as “renewed,” “responsive, and “life-changing. Speak directly to the patient rather than in the third person.

Actionable Step: Craft belief statements that start with phrases like, “At XYZ Dental, we believe… These statements should reflect your practice’s core values and mission. For example, “At XYZ Dental, we believe in transforming lives through personalized dental care and state-of-the-art technology. This approach differentiates you and resonates on a deeper emotional level with potential patients.

Tip #4: Replace Before and After Photos with Case Studies

While before and after photos are helpful, case studies are even more powerful. They allow your patients to share their stories and experiences, demonstrating how your dentistry has positively impacted their lives. A well-crafted case study not only shows results but also evokes emotions, helping potential patients connect with your services on a personal level.

Actionable Step: Develop detailed case studies that highlight specific patient experiences. Include quotes and testimonials to add authenticity and emotional appeal. These narratives should focus on the patient’s journey, their challenges, and how your practice helped them overcome them. By showcasing real-life transformations, you provide prospective patients with a tangible sense of your value.

Putting It All Together: Crafting Your Unique Value Proposition

Combining these tips will help you create a compelling, unique value proposition (UVP) for your practice. Your UVP should briefly answer the question, “What makes you so special? It should be a clear, concise statement that highlights your strengths, differentiates you from competitors, and speaks directly to the needs and desires of your target audience.

Actionable Step: Draft your UVP using the insights gained from assessing your strengths, conducting competitive analysis, refining your language, and developing case studies. Test this statement with your team and a select group of patients to ensure it resonates and accurately represents your practice’s unique qualities.

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Practice Success,

Benjamin Suggs
New Patient Marketing Strategist
Practice Treatment Plan, Inc.