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Ep 7: Dental Practice Sales & Transitions with Dental Broker Ryan LaPrad, DDS Match South


Ep 7: Dental Practice Sales & Transitions with Dental Broker Ryan LaPrad, DDS Match South
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As a dentist nearing retirement, figuring out how to maximize the value of your dental practice can be quite daunting. It's natural to worry about potentially leaving money on the table or making costly mistakes during the transition. The process involves many critical decisions, from evaluating the worth of your practice to planning for a smooth handover. These concerns can make the transition period feel overwhelming as you strive to secure your financial future.

In this episode, guest Ryan LaPrad, an experienced dental practice broker from DDS Match South, explores the important but often intimidating process of dental practice transitions and shares key insights every dentist should consider whether buying or selling a practice. He details the complexities of negotiating with corporate groups and how working with a specialist can significantly impact the financial outcome. Learn how Ryan got an additional $5MM in value for one seller in his practice sale!

Ryan also offers a glimpse into market trends and strategies for matching buyers and sellers.

3:53 What Should You Know About Non-Compete Agreements in Dental Practice Sales?
8:24 What Are the Differences Between Individual and Corporate Buyers in Dental Practice Transitions?
13:46 The Risks and Benefits of Selling Dental Practices to DSOs
18:26 Why Is Preparation Important When Selling Dental Practices?
23:10 Matching young dentists with practices for sale in the southeast
28:11 What Should You Consider When Buying or Selling Dental Practices, Especially in Rural Areas?