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Ep 6: Why Startup Dental Practices Need to Run Google Ads


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It's common to experience challenges when starting a new dental practice, especially in attracting new patients. The initial frustration with slow marketing results can be disheartening, but it's important to remember that building a patient base often takes time. You might find that refining your approach and exploring different marketing avenues can gradually improve your situation. Patience and persistence are crucial as you continue to develop your practice and connect with potential patients.

In this episode, Benjamin Suggs addresses common problems faced by startup dentists. He shares the story of a dentist in Maryland who is experiencing a lack of online traffic and patient bookings despite spending $12,000 on a website and SEO package from a well-known marketing company. However, the company failed to implement critical tactics like running Google ads that could have driven immediate results. Benjamin asks - how can you expect to succeed in those crucial first months without a strategy to get patients in the door right away?

He also highlights the importance of paid digital advertising over solely relying on organic search engine optimization for new practices.

0:46 Are SEO and ads both needed for dental startups?
1:16 Importance of running Google ads specifically for dental startups
1:37Common issues with dental marketing
3:09 What are the differences between SEO and paid ads?
06:01 Differences between organic SEO and PPC ads
10:03 Should other platforms beyond Google also be used to advertise?



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