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Ep 5: Google's AI Overview is Here. The Impact on Google Search Results for Dentists


Ep 5: Google's AI Overview is Here - The Impact on Google Search Results for Dentists
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As ChatGPT diverts traffic away from dental websites, how will Google's new AI overview further challenge dental practices' search visibility? Google's shift towards prioritizing ads over organic search results in its AI overview means dental marketers must ask - will traditional SEO strategies still drive new patients, or will a laser focus on local SEO and Google ads become the new priority? With over 70% of Google's revenue from ads, and its moves to stuff search results with more ads, how can dental practices ensure they aren't left out in the cold as Google protects this revenue at the expense of organic search rankings?

In this episode, Benjamin Suggs highlights several significant shifts in the digital landscape, particularly affecting dental marketing. Google's new AI overview feature now appears above organic search results, providing users with an expanded, immediate summary. This change mirrors the way ChatGPT has diverted traffic from dental websites by answering user queries directly, thus reducing the visibility of these practices in search results. 


0:05 - Google's new AI overview feature

1:30 - Chatbot diversion from dental websites

4:14 - Testing AI in search results

5:14 - Official rollout

6:29 - New search results layout with AI overview

7:55 - Ad revenue protection: impact on organic results

9:49 - Testing ads in AI overview section

11:09 - Focus on local SEO and ads for dental practices



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