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Ep 4: New Patient Call Handling Best Practices


Ep 4: New Patient Call Handling Best Practices
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Based on statistics, dental practices miss a lot of potential new patients. You might scratch your head If you are one of those who miss their chance to get patients from calls. But with the right training, you could book 10 extra patients each month. By focusing on enthusiasm, understanding others' perspectives, sharing helpful information, and empowering choices, your practice can develop trust with community members and better serve their oral health needs.

In this episode, Benjamin Suggs discussed strategies for enhancing new patient phone call handling and conversion rates in dental practices. He emphasized the 3Es: the enthusiasm of the front desk staff, empathy, education, and empowerment to close appointments.

Benjamin Suggs also highlights the potential benefits of aligning marketing messaging and offering appointment times during calls. This can lead to a significant increase in conversion rates and a higher return on investment from your marketing efforts, giving you a reason to be optimistic about the future of your practice.

1:06 Statistics About Call Handling
6:44 Have The Right Mindset
9:40  Empathy
12:08 Educating The Caller
16:16 Empowerment
19:04 Never Disagree With Somebody On The Phone
20:27 Law Of Reciprocation
23:09 Never End A Call Without Offering Appointment Time


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