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How to Optimize your Dental Website to Convert more Visitors into Patients


Ep 3: How to Optimize your Dental Website to Convert more Visitors into Patients
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Attracting new dental patients to your practice is a great struggle. Many dentists fail to clearly communicate what services they offer or create content that actually engages website users. With attention spans shrinking and mobile usage rising, dental websites must quickly connect with visitors emotionally and address their needs. By adding fun, personalized photos and creating videos, one can make a huge difference in reaching the goal of converting visitors to patients.

In this episode, Benjamin Suggs shares some common issues that could prevent your website from converting visitors into patients. He reveals simple tweaks you can make, such as optimizing your website for mobile users, adding personalized photos and videos, and implementing exit popups. He also emphasized the importance of personalizing website content to establish an emotional connection. Discover proven strategies to give your dental website the boost it needs to start attracting more new patients today.

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2:02 Two Types Of Website Visitors

5:15 Say What You Do Immediately

7:04 Congruence With Services

8:45 Reviews and social proof

9:40 Make a Personalized Connection In Any Way

13:49 The Power of Looking More Fun Than Professional

16:11 Creating Videos To Increase Conversion

18:21 Record An Overview Of Your Practice

19:55 The Primary Call To Action

22:19 Mobile Optimization Of Your Website


Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek


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