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Four Roadblocks That Prevent New Patients from Scheduling with Your Dental Practice


Dental Flow Podcast Four Roadblocks That Prevent New Patients from Scheduling with Your Practice
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Understanding patients' perspectives and addressing common objections in marketing communications is crucial for dental practices. By empathizing with patients' concerns and offering solutions, practices can build trust and attract new patients. Positioning themselves as the solution to common dental objections can differentiate practices and foster stronger connections with patients.

In this episode, Benjamin Suggs identifies the four most common objections that stop patients from scheduling. He dives deeply into these roadblocks, understanding their perspectives and providing specific messaging strategies to overcome each objection. Learn how to address patient concerns head-on, ease anxieties, and position your practice as a judgment-free zone. Discover proven techniques to welcome back patients who haven't visited in years.

He also highlights the importance of creating a welcoming, non-judgmental environment to put patients at ease.


0:01 Are These Roadblocks Keeping You from the Dentist?

3:11 How to Tackle Dental Objections

8:35 How Dentists Ease Patient Fears

12:25 Efficiency Tips for Dentists

17:42 Discover Marketing Tips to Ease Your Mind

22:25 Overcoming Dental Marketing Hurdles



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