Do Your Goals Lack Clarity?

Today’s Topic: Do Your Goals Lack Clarity?

“Clarity is Power.” – Tony Robbins

About four years ago I took my Practice Treatment Plan team to a three day Tony Robbins event in New Jersey. I had heard great things about these events, but even after that I was somewhat skeptical when entering the hall.

I have to say it was an invigorating experience, right down to the part where we walked over hot coals in our bare feet at 2AM in the morning. If you have the chance to attend one of these events, I highly recommend it.

The purpose of the event was to help flesh out what goals we wanted to set for ourselves both professionally and personally. The common thread that ran through the even was clarity of purpose. What we learned over the course of the weekend was that it is not enough to just have goals. You must be absolutely clear and specific about what those goals are and then take massive action in going after them. Without knowing precisely what you want, you can never achieve it. As an example, it is not enough to say “I want to make more money.” What does that mean? Another $1000 per year in income. Another $1MM? You have to be clear and specific. “I want to make $500,000 in personal income over the next 12 months.” That is a specific goal that you can work towards, both consciously and sub-consciously.

Below you will find a link to a short three minute clip by Mr. Robbins himself. (you only need to hear the audio) I hope that you find it inspires you to set clear, detailed and results-driven goals for yourself and your practice!

Check out a short video about setting specific goals.

Practice Success,

Benjamin Suggs
New Patient Marketing Strategist
Practice Treatment Plan, Inc.