What Makes You So Special? 4 Tips on How to Answer that Question.

Everyone thinks they are special (including me). We all know we are better than our competitors. But when our patients ask us why, it is often a hard question to answer with certainty. Even though we may know what makes us better, it not always easy to communicate that to a patient.

In the increasingly competitive market of dentistry, it is more important than ever to STAND OUT. If potential patients see your marketing and think you are no different than the other dentists out there, why should they pick up the phone and call you? Here are some tips on how to STAND OUT.

Tip #1. Assess your practice’s strengths. What do you do really well? What is it about your approach, education, training and background that makes you different or better? Be as specific as possible. (Hint: your current patients are often the most reliable source of this information. Find out what they think.)

Tip #2. Competitive Analysis: get on Google and do some simple research on your closest competitors. Start with the ones that you are competing with for patients in your area right now. What are they offering that is different than you? What are they not doing that you are?

Tip #3. Use more compelling language in your marketing. Avoid the same tired adjectives to describe your dentistry (quality, caring) and start using more impactful words (renewed, responsive, life-changing). Instead of talking about yourself in the third person, speak directly to the prospect. Use impactful belief statements that start with the phrase, “At XYZ dental, we beleive…”.

Tip #4. Replace Before and After photos with case studies. Case studies will allow your patients to express to potential new patients how your dentistry has changed their lives for the better, as well as showing them the results. If you could not only see but feel how a service has dramatically changed someone’s life, wouldn’t you be willing to pay more for it? People make decisions based on feelings.

Have any questions? We have answers. Just email me at ben@practicetreatmentplan.com.

Practice Success,

Benjamin Suggs
New Patient Marketing Strategist
Practice Treatment Plan, Inc.