A Huge, Untapped Source for New Patients. Right There in Your Office!

Today we’d like to talk about a source of new patient referrals that is often overlooked in a dental practice.  Referrals from your team members.

open for businessI am not talking about the friends and family referrals that you might get from your receptionist or your assistant (that you feel obligated to offer at a discount), but a calculated and measurable plan to increase the number of patients that come to you through this channel of people.

Have you ever considered that your team can be a walking billboard for your business when they are out on their lunch break or just running errands on the weekend?  Why not encourage them to engage with potential new patients when they are out and about?

It is real simple to do. It requires not much more than a handful of Care to Share cards and maybe a clever, well-designed t-shirt branded with your logo that encourages potential patients to ask your team members, “Hey, where is that dental office?”  (According to OSHA, they should not be wearing those scrubs out of the office anyway!)


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I’m sure you are asking yourself, “Why would they want to do that?” And the answer is because you are going to incentivize them to!

An incentive plan that works well in many of our practice looks like this: You arm your team with Care to Share referral cards and have them write their names on them.  As they are out and about around town they can give them to the person they buy their coffee from every morning, the guy that makes their sandwich at lunch, their dry cleaner…there are so many possibilities!

The card presented to this potential new patient offers them a credit of $25 dollars when they come in for an appointment with you that can be put towards any dental service or product your practice offers.  What REALLY makes this work is that you will also pay a $25 bonus to the team member who gave out the Care to Share card.  When you think about the production dollars earned over the lifetime of a patient in your practice ($10,000+) this is a very small investment ($50). You will be happy to have a new way to get some new patients in the office, and your team will be motivated to talk about and advertise your practice even when they are not there!

Have any questions? We have answers. Just email me at ben@practicetreatmentplan.com.

Practice Success,

Benjamin Suggs

New Patient Marketing Strategist

Practice Treatment Plan, Inc.


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