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Archive for November 2015

Creating WOW Moments for Your Patients

Creating WOW Moments! Welcome to the Practice Treatment Plan’s Weekly New Patient Marketing Tips! As a new patient marketing company, we are very focused on what happens outside of the practice to get new patients through your doors. But, we also understand that creating a great patient experience is critical to get those new patients…

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How Many New Patient Opportunities Are You Missing Each Month?

Today I have a few questions for you… How many new patient phone calls does your practice get each month? How many of these calls come into your practice during times when nobody is answering the phone? For those calls that are answered, how many are successfully converted into new patient appointments?  If you are…

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What About Other Review Sites (besides Google)?

Welcome to Practice Treatment Plan’s Weekly New Patient Marketing Tips! Today’s tip is part five of a 5-part series in October all about Google Reviews. Here is a quick preview of what is coming up. For more information please call 888.412.8820 or email me at TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEWSLETTER, PLEASE USE THE SIGN…

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