What Can Dentists Learn From Starbucks About Office Design?

Business Insider recently posted a great article about how Starbucks sets up their stores to encourage more customer spend and deeper customer relations. How could you adopt some of these ideas for your dental practice? Check out the link here.

  • Starbucks often advertises new products on its doors. Why not have ads for your wants-based dental services like in-office teeth whitening on the door or entrance way? It is a great way to remind patients of the other services that you offer.
  • Starbucks uses lighting to guide customers through the store. How can you use lighting in your reception area to highlight those things that you would like your patients to notice? Your internal referral program would be a great thing to highlight.
  • Starbucks has a thin strip of counter between the customers and its coffee machines, which makes the ordering process feel more inviting. Make your front counter more inviting by reducing the separation between your front desk team and your patients. And if you have one of those old school sliding glass windows, please call your friendly dental construction contractor immediately.

Steve Jobs once said “Good artists copy; great artists steal”. What other ideas can we steal from some of the most successful companies – regardless of industry – that will improve the experience in our dental practices?